Spring Ahead

We live in the Northeast, Buffalo, NY specifically, so we understand the frustrations in regards to Buffalo's weather and how it affects our landscaping and gardening adventures. To help you ease into Spring we wanted to share simple things you can do in March.
  • If you have roses, like this Helleborus shown also known as a 'Lenton Rose' or 'Winter Rose', slowly unwrap and remove protective mulch to awaken them. We used our Charcoal black mulch in my garden. Resist the temptation to uncover spring-flowering plants such as daffodils and tulips. Mulch may be loosened, but the shoots will still benefit from protection against cold, drying winds.
  • Spread dark plastic intended for mulch out over the garden site to hasten the warming of the soil. This will provide for earlier and better germination.
  • Use popsicle sticks to mark areas after you have laid down your dark plastic. If you have plans for new plants, prepare for your annual to break through the soil or simply hold the space until you decide what to do in that area.
  • Remember that proper mulching not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden but also contributes to soil health and plant growth. Happy gardening!

Preparing to lay your mulch? Southtowns Supply makes the product right on site and we deliver. Don't waste time lugging those big bags of mulch around that leaves aching sore and your vehicle dirty.
We offer various colors of mulch and wood products to help make your garden and landscape stand out from the others.

  • Cocoa Brown
  • Charcoal Black
  • Barn Red
  • Natural Mulch